As I work on writing my current book this morning I remind myself about how impressed I am with the information contained in this series of blog posts on attachment in adult relationships: 


– so here I am recommending a read of this material yet again on this blog!

I no longer hold any hope that I can create a good relationship with a partner in my lifetime.  At age 62, after having been single for nearly 30 years, I still consider this one of the most damaging consequences of my abusive childhood.  Some things are possible, some things are not.  For me, there isn’t enough safe and secure attachment wiring inside of me to cover more than the amazing attachment relationship I have with my three grown children and with a few good friends.

But had anyone given me the kind of information contained in the links this post points to a long, long time ago in my life, I think I could have made a great partner relationship work.  I don’t have the energy or the willingness to try to learn and practice what I would have to at this point in my life.


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