I spent many hours yesterday and am continuing to do so today on trying to figure out how to establish online backup of my work at Google Drive so that I can use their Cloud storage to keep my book writing safe.  I am not a techno-savvy person and suffer from very low tolerance to techno-stress – so this is a hellacious job for me.

In the process of trying to eliminate files that will not synch (whatever that actually means) between my computer and the Cloud I am trying to eliminate the problematic files.  I have saved the information at this blog link:

*ZELAZO development of self control

I initially read this article several years ago:  “Developmental data suggest that the growth of executive function in childhood can be understood in terms of the development of consciousness.”

I am not taking the time today to do anything more than preserve the information I filed on my computer so that I can find a way to get it off of my computer.  No doubt the info at this link above is worth a read…..


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