In the high southeastern Arizona desert plants are in their resting stage at this time of year.  People who have spent many years living in more northern climes are familiar with springtime as a time of bursting growth and bloom.  Spring in the desert?  A time of building heat toward the eventual appearance (hopefully) in early July of our annual season of blessed rains.

I have decided as my aging past 60 moves on that I wish to be able to visit in my yard some innately peaceful, kind and gentle – quiet – friends.  Due to the generous free-cycle gift of required weathered lumber and pallets I finally have what I need to complete my project.

This series of pictures includes the planting of one of my jalapeno beds, the end blooming of my much-appreciated perennial snap dragons, and my womanly art of making something wonderful out of virtually nothing much at all.  (All of these did not post in exact order – I have no idea why not or how to adjust!!)

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