I found this easily this morning via a Google search.  I am surprised and thankful.  I wanted to post this back to a recent commenter, but decided also that this information is so important I need to post it again on the ‘front page’!


Every adult has times when their need for attachment overrides their ability to caregive to another person.  It is vital for people in committed relationships with infant-child abuse and trauma survivors to clearly know about the patterns described at this link!

Becoming informed and therefore conscious about how attachment patterns operate helps us be able to understand self and others better so that we can work toward making different choices about needs in relationships.

This is fascinating and important information – please take a look at the writing at the above link.


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  1. That you so much for sharing this information. It has been a quite a revelation for me to recognize “my life” in this post. It is a relief to know that I am not alone and that the vagueness of my discomfort and pain have been described here in clear patterns that I now recognize. I will use this new knowledge to try to develop a deeper understanding of how the experiences of my childhood are impacting my adult life and hopefully make changes to help me overcome my past.

    • Thank you for writing! This information was such an eye opener for me when I discovered it, as well. I am so glad that you found it helpful and hopeful! Perhaps send an email to yourself with this post’s address so you can file it and find it again for yourself – I sure don’t want to lose track of it!! All the very best!!! Linda – alchemynow

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