April 10, 2012 – Adobe Peace Garden in its budding for this new season — it is slightly overcast today – and I don’t know how to change any settings on this camera I have now – not sure this one has the best color — the here’s the garden nearly read to BLOOM!

Surprise bloom on ivy I started last year in the adobe planter - found the slip in Old Bisbee
Yellow one is fake
Mexican Primrose - west side of house - sis Cindy gave me those onions there toward back of pic
Snap dragon buds
(those yellow ones are fake!)
Snapdragons, slow to open - too many surprise freezes this spring?

Buds buds buds - white snaps - with Texas Ranger and Mexican Primrose
The little yellow ones have been blooming since Feb., will bloom until November - a native plant, as is the purple behind it - the crawler to the left is Hummingbird Mint - behind it a nearly wild rose
New weeds are appearing as the garden is aging - no idea what this is, but I really like it
One of these days I will ask the garden man at our new local ACE what the name of this plant is (new in this spot) - I really liked the one I bought last year. This will have tall thin long spindly stems with tiny light pink flowers on the ends - blooms all summer once it starts
New Alaskan Daisy - new to the garden last spring - roots have grown, plant has grown - nearly ready to bloom!
More snaps (over wintered) - nearly blooming - my favorite wine color - with Texas Ranger - the tall stalk on right is a yellow Bird of Paradise sis Cindy brought me
Second year for the artichoke - other wine died - will it feed me this year?
A nearly wild rose - pink when it blooms - it is gorgeous!
First roses on a nearly wild - hope this plant grows MUCH bigger in its 2nd year
I am letting the yellow go to seed some - to spread around - this one is a keeper!

Another native plant from High Country Gardens in Santa Fe, NM - purchased last year - wild Penstamon
Budding native - Paprika Yarrow - from High Country Gardens in Santa Fe, NM - plant's second year
First of the yellow climbing rose blooms - flowers will hopefully increase in size of bloom as spring lengthens
I planted these last fall - no idea what they are but boy do they have BUDS! My thrift store snail - thought of painting it but sun is so intense here the paint would fade as it did on the little lizard
First blooms on this beautiful blue sage - 2nd year for this LOVELY bloomer - will bloom through October if dead headed
The last lone Iris bloom - at least 10 full stems ready to bloom froze 3 weeks ago and died - 😦
The newest compost - outside the yard fence
Rose buds

Dollar Store butterfly - really enjoy it!
The Fishing Boy - latest thrift store addition - petunias in foreground from last year's seeds
I left a lot of garlic in the ground from last year - no heart to pull it, looks to happy!
Off course - some of the girls
Have three flats of the jalapenos sprouted - a tame variety - everyone LOVES those pickles - hope to plant LOTS of these plants this year
Oh, and the bunch of wild grass, lilac and larkspur
A little lily with buds on east side


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