In this update about the progress of my life’s process I will first say that I have not identified the source of the stink in my house – so I am still working on that.  Next I will say that spring is fast approaching and a great deal of much-loved labor related to the flower and vegetable gardens are in progress.  Then I will say (also related to recent posts) that since I stopped dead in my book-writing tracks early last November I have now as of 2 days ago swung myself around in a full circle so that I am back at that writing work.

Thanks in a large part to my dear sister’s comment of support and encouragement on my post about wanting to do something helpful that can matter to other people, I am understanding that of all the little things I might be able to do in that direction – which includes my efforts toward the failed Congo drum group’s performances in my community — are NOT what I either want to or need to be concerned with at this time.

I have something to offer that is uniquely mine.  I have a story of severe trauma from infant-child abuse to tell — along with what I have LEARNED about and from those experiences.

So – unable evidently to waste much time in sleeping last night I was awake and hard at research well before the crack of dawn today.


I believe my daughter who is involved in writing our book with me, and I, will increasingly be involved in what I call today “fast track thinking.”

I picture a vast freeway – the internet one – which includes a commuter lane.  With the voluminous amounts of information available to us we can move in research directions at near-lightning speed — IF we know what we are after and how the pieces fit together.

The direction of thinking being built this morning is related to what is most unfortunately becoming a slang word:  RESILIENCY.

The word itself refers to a concept that is unclear to nearly everyone using it today.  It is important to become as clear as possible about the ideas and realities that are related to this word.  What I have found and will continue to find about RESILIENCY is accumulating at this link


at which the following sub-pages are appearing

While there is much I could write in this post about this topic I have too many other things to attend to today.  I am preparing the soil to start my jalapeno seeds indoors today.  I need to go prepare the beds for the 100 Texas Sweet Onion starts that need to go into the ground today and upgrade/check the drip irrigation.  I need to rework the compost piles — etc.

So what I have to say about the connections between lifelong quality of life and well-being (and its lack), the degrees of security vs insecurity of earliest caregiver relationships, about how the signals our body receives during critical early stages of development from our attachment relationships determine how our genes manifest and how our body-brain develops (and greatly influences our physical and emotional health for our lifetime), and about how all these signals are actually our Reproductive Fitness Indicators personally as we ourselves are representatives of the quality of the environment that formed us, and about resiliency as it is created by a combination of risk and protective factors — all has to wait for another time.


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