All of a sudden after writing my most previous post I can feel a difference inside of me as I consider the HORRENDOUS verbal abuse my mother perpetrated against me from the time I was born!

Nearly ever single word she ever spoke to me or about me was horrendously abusive! I now have a new way to think about those words, however, both as they were implanted into my developing brain/mind as cancerous thought cells that CAME FROM and BELONGED entirely to Mother and NOT to me — and to think about how those words have continued to exist within my own reality.

I have a new category to put them into — and it seems one that is more accurate in its description than any I have had before.  How freeing!  How empowering!  How useful!

Those cancer-cell thoughts came from Mother.  They were obviously hers (DUH!!) though they were built into me as if they were mine.

Nope.  Never were.  They came from Mother’s destructive cancer-cell thought disease.  NOT MINE.

But Borderline Personality Disorder parents have no corner whatsoever on the verbal abuse market!!  I just wanted to clarify this point — though I think verbally abusive words are cancer-cells from someone else’s sickness — no matter WHO uses them to attack WHOM!

Once thrown our way these horrible words penetrate our own minds just like the cancer cells shown in the video link I just posted earlier at:

How does cancer spread to other parts of the body?  Video about Metastasis.

Discover them!  Every time we hear them in our minds and repeat those words we are feeding the cancer-cell thoughts life-stealing powers.  We have to STOP proliferating those thoughts NOW!

They are NOT our cancer!!

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