This is a foreign world I live in right now without writing.  I must have reached a burnout state without realizing that was where I was headed until I got there.  All I can do now is rest my mind and wait to see what happens after the first of the new year.

I am spending a lot of time practicing on my keyboard.  I want to learn in 40 hours what I guess it needs to take five years to learn.  I am not that patient.  I will my mind and my fingers into proper action on these keys.

I can read the music now so that I can write the music for songs.  This process fascinates me.  I wrote a song today in words and sound — a very strange one.  Tomorrow I will show it to my piano teacher.  He is able to assist me to understand the patterns in these sounds.

So out-of-reach of words are some of the things I need to say right now.  Being able to describe feelings and emotion in sound without words is like entering a new universe that is so familiar yet so very strange.  Another language.  I needed that.


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