Whether or not humans choose to believe their own false ideas and vain imaginings that tell them there is no God and nobody has a soul, reality exists otherwise.

I do believe in God and that everyone has a soul.  Therefore I cannot form a coherent or comprehensive view of myself without considering what this means to me.  Today I created another ‘page’ attached to a heading tab at the top of this blog simply called — GOD LOVE.

Being so abused from the time I was born that I could not begin to conceptualize what love might be, or even that it actually existed, has made certain aspects of my living and my healing journey complicated in regard to love.  I may never know in this lifetime in my conscious mind what love is.  That does not stop me from questing for that understanding.


I wrote a post today that is attached to GOD LOVE.  In it I describe as clearly as I now understand it at my age of 60 what ‘being’ Mother’s ‘devil child’ was about and what it did to me by the time I was 17.  I also describe a bit about my soul’s journey through those years of abuse and out into the world I entered when I left home.  SEE:  *CHILD ABUSE AND THE JOURNEY OF MY SOUL

I will welcome all ‘reasonable’ comments to anything I write at GOD LOVE at the same time I reserve all rights to NOT post what I am not comfortable with and to edit what I do post if that feels comfortable.  Those pages are about comfort, something I new NOTHING about the first 18 years of my life and something I will probably never completely understand while I life on this earth in my trauma-changed body.


I also posted the contents of a soul-related talk by an expert on the subject that I consider most important at *NO MATTER WHAT – HAVE NO ENEMY.  There is nothing in those words that gives me spiritual permission — or any other kind of permission — to think ill of anyone, including my parents.

This new section and my collection of writings over there are necessary for me at this point in my healing journey because it is my soul that in-formed me as a child.  It is my soul that brought me through those horrendous years of insane abuse.  It is spiritual assistance from God’s unseen realms that protected me from death and disintegration through my difficult first years of life as a soul.

It is my hope that forever in this lifetime I will seek truth, and that forever after my mortal body parts ways with my soul upon my physical death that I will do the same.  I pray to God to teach me love.


4 thoughts on “+TEACH ME LOVE


    What wonderful concepts. I will read about this more. I am taking a few weeks break to absorb all this new information, so will be responding less, but reading more. Love your new thoughts and looking forward to more. Keep up the good work and thanks so much for having me here! Your friend Catherine Todd

  2. there i was , at the time most of the abuse had not been catalogued by Dr.Spock ,;[ does this name have to do with star trek hhhhhhmmmm ] the small infractions were very big for inflicting trauma that lasted a lifetime, they did a building of many things that built on each one.. till it was a cascade failure. then it was shoved off to the side. to be that i had gotten labeled as awful lazy , stupid, etc.

    • Exactly! It all causes exactly that – a CASCADE of complications from trauma — oh, the poor scared confused sad little ones, so dependent, trying so hard just to grow up and make sense out of such a big world!! HURT US! Thank you for stopping by!!!

    • I read a book once, wish I knew the name of it – a doctor who believes that before the age of seven every child has a different time clock from older kids and adults — so that they live 7 minutes for every 1 minute bigger people live — like dog-life-time

      That’s a LOT more living in the same amount of time — which makes the BAD things children go through even harder to bear!

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