What would happen if every month everyone in our great nation gave 2% of their income, no matter what the source of that income might be, to someone who needs it?  The only stipulation would be that whatever is given must be given within 10 miles of home residence and NOT given to a church or any other organization directly — but given rather to people when we can see the white of their eyes, the light in their eyes, the smile on their faces — to those we can ask their name, tell them ours, shake their hand and wish them blessings.

This sharing gift, given without prejudice or judgment of ANY kind, would be given as cash or as something bought by the giver and given to the receiver (donating to a food bank counts if you see the whites of the eyes of the volunteers who accept the food on behalf of others).  There is plenty to go around in our neighborhoods, our towns, our states, our nations and around our planet.  We each need to PERSONALLY care enough to share.

2% will only ‘hurt’ if we are out of practice in giving to other human beings around us — but practice makes perfect!


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