I woke this morning thinking about a dream I had last night, or rather, thinking about the remnants of a dream.  These pieces, like leftover scraps of fabric from a dress all sewn together, left me thinking also about how strange it is that I found among my mother’s surviving papers a copy of one of her dreams that I wrote about on this blog several times before:

MY MOTHER’S DREAM – March 29, 1960
The whole family was out walking and suddenly we looked up to see a dark rainbow appear – then it got bright and behind it a skyline appeared outlining massive dormed buildings such as I’ve never seen and skyscraper bldgs – then it all disappeared and a big wind came.

We realized it was a hurricane. We could hardly stand up against the wind. We saw big apt bldgs on the sides of the streets but the entrances faced another street and we were on the wrong side. The wind grew stronger – finally a door appeared and we went in the bldg and the person asked us what was wrong? We told her of the great wind but as we pointed outside – all was silent and the wind was gone … and I awoke.

Putting together what I read in Mother’s dream (I was 8 when she recorded this) and what I remember of the scraps of mine last night, I can’t help but think that way down in those dusky depths beyond consciousness Mother really knew that something was terribly wrong not only for her but also for her entire family.  But my dream was not about a raging storm.  My dream was about healing.

Alaska has that kind of soil that turns into charcoal gray mucky mud when it gets wet.  Along the lower Jeep roads back in Eagle River valley when enough people drove over some of the sections of that mud enough times it packed down smoothly and though it remained damp and moist it didn’t create deep ruts.  It was on a section of a neighbor’s road like this that I used to ride my sister’s friend’s bicycle around the time Mother recorded her dream.

Last night in my dream I found myself living on soil like I found on this section of Jeep road.  Standing in the center I found that if I put enough effort into jumping and stomping in one place I could pack it down and it would harden into a firm platform that meant I was no longer in danger of sinking past my knees in soppy, sticky, icky muck.

Not being content to only have that one small circle in the center I soon realized if I kept one foot planted firmly in the center and then turned my body from that pivot point in circles I could stomp stomp stomp with my other foot and widen the center circle of stable firmness.

So, around in circles I went, first in one direction, then in the other.  I succeeded in widening my circle of firmness enough that I could then scoot my firmly planted foot farther and farther out from the center of the circle.  My platform center of firm stability reached further and further out until I could then walk in a stomping ever-widening circle.  My life of healing was growing!

So entranced — and very busy working my way toward healing was I that it took some time before I looked up to see there were other people all around me doing exactly the same thing!  As their circles of firm, healed stability widened around those other people these circles eventually touched one another — and even began to overlap.


My mother lacked the ability to work toward healing in her lifetime.  But something I received during mine has created such a desire to heal and to assist others to heal in any small way that I can that I have not lived anything like the same life that my mother did.  I am eternally grateful for the gifts I have been given that also include being born in an era that includes a Major Movement of the healing work others are doing in their own circles — and sharing with me.

I believe that not only can individual people stomp their way out in ever-increasing circles of increased well-being, but families can do this, too.  Neighborhoods can do it.  Communities can do it.  Nations can do it, and eventually this planet we live on will be covered the world over with little circles of healing that have grown together to include everyone in genuine creative effective — and amazing healing!

It might seem on any given day that what goodness we try to bring into our personal life, the life of our family, our neighborhood — and on up is trivial and lacks impact or importance.  That’s certainly not what my dream last night was about!  When everyone that has the capacity to heal begins that muck stomping journey we will all be incredulously amazed at the progress we can make.  YAY US!!!



    • Pretty earthy — from your earth momma!!! Oh, adobe momma, I meant to say! Thanks and love you sweetie!!

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