Tuesday, May 3, 2016.


anxiety comes creeping

black shadow like ink

over snow

or it comes like a blast


everything in its way


maybe it wouldn’t matter

if I were a bird or a squirrel

or a frog

all such a creature is built to do

is react

moment to moment

as if there is

no tomorrow


but I do notice

I notice in one instant I am

no longer feeling OK

as I was an instant ago

no warning

no notice

nothing I can determine in

this current life of mine

that brought this ink upon me


and nothing I can think or


makes it go away



a pair of wild geese

on high alert


fly away together


they feel what they feel

they deeply know to get away

there are no  questions


only I ask


— Anonymous


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4 thoughts on “+ANXIETY

  1. Wow this poem is incredible – I want to share it on another forum – but I also wanted to ask first and am unclear if it is yours, etc – just want to properly cite it, if it is ok to share…thank you!

    • Thank you – I appreciate your integrity in this request. Yes, I did write it, so (c) Linda Ann Lloyd Danielson – dated same as post, May 3, 2016 – just felt so sharing-in-common with others when the words came – so very, very much so!!!

      • Thank you (i can’t believe this is my first comment on here – I’ve read your blog for years and it’s wonderful.) I’m going to share and cite/link back here, thank you!!

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