Tuesday, November 24, 2015.  These few words came to me last Sunday at a time when the horrible stomping romping wall and ceiling shaking so threatening my peace from the apartment above me had abated for a time.  For the past two years I had neighbors up there who were quiet adult men.  I NEVER in ten billion years would have renewed my year’s lease if THIS family had been up there.

I really do NOT know how I can endure and survive a long North Dakota winter being trapped in here with them up there.  I am losing entire nights of sleep.  Scary.  Hard.  Very, very disturbing having people up there with no pattern to their life I can detect, little children romping hard until 2 am….


Right on the surface of the glass

Looking inward

Looking outward

That’s where our psychology will be


Where on a spectrum does light become sound and sound become light

To humans?


There is a quiet there – at these places.  In these spaces.  A kind of pause – the quiet both before and within the storm.


Life, though, is never easy.


There is a pause

Where darkness turns into light

(and the other way around).


When a flying bird’s wing beats downward

That point just before the wing

Turns up again

There is an instant of

Perfect peace.


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