Tuesday, February 10, 2015.  It is snowing heavily today.  Large flakes, some appearing nearly like birds aiming directly at my windows.  If my hearing was acute enough would I be able to hear them tap against the glass?

It remains one of the most useful centering thoughts of my life to contemplate the fact that somehow – somehow of the obvious and not even remotely obvious collection of miracles in this sphere of material life we all occupy at this moment in time – it is the uniqueness of every snowflake crystal that has ever been or will ever be that lets me know there is far more to this life of ours than anyone can really imagine.

I don’t think we will ever be able to grasp the complexity of life!

There are a LOT of snowflakes dancing outside at this moment!  Enough that someone out on a long empty stretch of highway would not be able to see their way clearly enough to drive safely.  Every flake uniquely different.  Every human being uniquely different.

Yet snowflakes mostly share common characteristics with one another.  Certainly humans also share with one another common characteristics that actually make us far more like one another than different.  It’s not always easy to see that fact.

Same with music.


As I learn to play piano I listen to a lot of piano music on the Pandora radio station I am continually shaping to reflect music I would like to learn how to play.  I just encountered this lovely gentle song – Tally’s Lullaby played by Karen Marie Garrett.  It reminds me of all the goodness in life.  The goodness is always here no matter how hard life might be at times.


I also found a prayer this morning that particularly mentions LIGHT.  Without light in the world we could not have the contrast of shadows and darkness.  But it is only the light that is real, that is eternal.  Darkness and shadow are illusions in this world of material existence through which we can discover the nature of life here on this plane of existence.

O Thou kind Lord!  O Thou Source of ancient bounty, of grace, of generosity and bestowal!  O Thou Healer of sicknesses!  O Thou Sufficer of needs!  O Thou Light of Light!  O Thou Light above all Lights!

O Thou the Compassionate!  O Thou the Merciful!  Do Thou have mercy upon the bearer of this Tablet, through Thy most great mercy and Thine abundant grace, O Thou the Gracious, Thou the Bounteous.  Guard him, moreover, through Thy protection, from whatsoever his heart and mind may find repugnant.  Of those endued with power, Thou, verily, art the most powerful.” (READ MORE HERE)

Every human being carries a story engraved upon the ‘tablet of their heart’.  We might not find people to hear our story in this world, but I believe in the next world one of the great gifts we will all receive is an explanation for the sufferings of this lifetime.  I know that might not seem much of a consolation to MANY in THIS lifetime!

There are children born into families where severe challenges of sickness (including addictions and mental illness), ignorance and/or immaturity prevent the adults who are entrusted to provide love, safety, security and protection for these children from caring for them.  There are families where adults directly harm children.  We know this happens.

For those who survive severe trauma in childhood it can be very hard to make sense of what happened to them.

Like being lost alone in a blizzard with snow so deep movement is nearly impossible, direction to safety cannot be found, threat to ongoing life is very real, and daylight has turned into darkness – time might be slowed down to only one breath after the next one.  Waiting for the storm to pass….

We make it through.

Then what?

We transcend our story.  We are all so much more than what happens to us!


Everyone is an artist working in the studio of life, and one of the most useful and extremely helpful tools for our creations is available to EVERYONE free of charge beginning at this link –

How to Start a WordPress Blog – A Step-By-Step Guide

An internet tablet to write words from the heart, to post pictures, videos, music – whatever you want!  Creations can be ‘published’ to remain private or they can ‘go live’ publicly.  MANY choices are clearly laid out at the above link included in the wide array of formats provided by WordPress – again, all free of charge!

Every blog, as a working tool for the creativity of individuals, is as unique as a snowflake.

Perhaps TODAY is the day to give YOUR blog a try and make it fly!



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