Monday, December 8, 2014.  This may sound redundant, but we are in a life where life matters.  Life as it exists in this lifetime is fundamentally a biological matter.  This IS a physical reality.  True, I don’t believe humans exist here without their soul being present with them.  If the soul leaves the body dies.  Or, if you prefer, if the body dies the soul leaves.  But either way, as far as humans are concerned, the soul which is CONNECTED to our body is not actually IN our body.  Soul has nothing to do with egress or regress.  Soul is not a physical THING.

So here we are hanging in, hanging around — souls in the womb of this earthly life doing whatever development here we can manage to do in order to build up our spiritual abilities to carry with us into the next life, the one that never ends.  (Believe it or not.)

Meanwhile, because we are physical beings here we are connected to everyone and everything here.  I am RELATED — whether I like to admit the fact or not — even to bed bugs!

Those little very clever, tenacious, resilient-adaptive critters.  They are not liked one bit by humans!

BUT – because goodness is really the only reality — everything here contains within it an ability to reflect from a “spiritual mirror” placed within it some aspect of the divine goodness, a ray of the light shining from the “sun” of the One Who created all — there is certainly something good shining back to me not only from the existence of bed bugs themselves but also from this experience I am going through because they have invaded my life.  And what an experience it is.


I can do nothing at the time but give a progress report on this elimination process I have been engaged in since I discovered these critters in my tiny apartment about a week ago.  I can’t SEE the bugs so I have no idea if anything I am doing is actually effective.  I started Friday evening setting off chemical bug bombs after dragging much of what I own out and around in order to maximize the coating of bug poison in this environment.

I am spending lots of money running fabric stuff through the apartment building’s dryer — which of course is set too low by management so that we have to all spend twice too much to get things hot and dry.

Then stuff is going in and out of all kinds of bags.  Sealed.  Unsealed.  Coverings on the recliner.  On and off.  Shaking things.  Drying the rag rugs.  Bagging the rag rugs.


Then Saturday I bombed again and sprayed with Hot Shot products from Home Depot.  I did make enough progress in my thinking to realize that probably billions of our human species living in dire conditions must live continually with these pests with no other option.  Up in the morning.  Find the bugs, sweep them up, dump them out for the chickens.  If any of these people are fortunate enough to have chickens, which I am sure billions are not.

Perspective.  Yet I still feel 3rd world in a 1st world society.  But EVERYONE is susceptible to these bugs.

On a spiritual level?  These bugs are known as “The Travelers.”  Hey!  I can relate to that!

They are known as resilient survivors.  Hey!  Yeah, that’s me.

Take, for example, the fact that a zero degree F temperature will kill them.  Freeze their sorry brown (or invisible tiny newly hatched) butts DEAD.  BUT!!  That temperature has to hit them INSTANTLY!  If they are embedded (!) within items that mean the core temp of the stuff takes a while to hit zero, the bugs will resiliently ADAPT as the temp goes down so that it will then take another 20 degrees COLDER temperature to kill them!

Well, if LIFE is something the Creator values, which is true, then a tenacious ability to survive it, endure and even to thrive is a very good thing!  That’s why we severe trauma survivors are still here.  Our physiology was able to adapt in our earliest developmental stages to horrible conditions of our environment so that we would be able to stay right here!


At least I no longer believe these visitors, these squatters, these free-loading vampires necessarily came out of the walls when it cooled outside.  They didn’t have to go to all that trouble.  I guess it is not even likely that they attached themselves to the potted plants I had outside on my cement slab, traveling inside when I brought the plants in.  Nope!

Once those upstairs neighbors put their infested box spring and mattress out on their balcony the bugs simply went traveling elsewhere to find new food sources.  The neighbors, I believe, knew what they were doing for their OWN “greater good.”  They left their bed outside long enough to get the entire mess through a complete egg hatching cycle.  The WORST thing a person can do for other people!

But hey!  If you are ignorant about the risk being created for others?  Or if you know darn well what that risk is and don’t care?  After all, those neighbors are immigrants from Nepal who watched their fellow citizens die en mass along the sides of the streets where they came from.  What do they REALLY care about a few bugs in MY apartment?

So, the bugs most likely just took their little barbed tootsies along the red brick walls of the outside of this building and immigrated to MY place — through the cooler vents, through the sliding door……

I saw yesterday how THAT happens here.  I watched a good-sized black spider race across an expanse of snow right to my shoveled cement slab heading right for my door.  The welcome mat was so NOT down but my foot sure was!

Do I have a reputation in the neighborhood for being kind to BUGS?


Which reminds me, I bought a small Christmas cactus from Home Depot last December when I moved in here because I was desperate for greenery. However, I ALSO hauled in with it an infestation source for tiny black flies that have been a pesky curse in this apartment.  Nothing anyone has suggested to eliminate them has worked.  So, yesterday a woman who had this experience and received the solution from a plant expert, told me to place ALL of my houseplants inside plastic bags and keep them sealed in there for a week.  She said it kills the bugs and does not harm the plants.

So….  NOW….  I see no greenery in here.  I see plastic BAGS!

It is WAR ON BUGS.  But, realistically, that is a war that humans will never actually win although we hope to win a battle or more.  Believe me, I am engaged for the long haul in bed bug extermination although I won’t know until three weeks from now, after an entire egg cycle for the bugs has elapsed, if what I am doing is effective.  This is so NOT fun!



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