Tuesday, April 22, 2014.  Emotions are powerhouses of information.  They are the torch-lights into our own reality as they tell us about our self.

Humans are fallible beings.  We are not born knowing everything.  Our fallibility applies even to who we are.   Why would we not be a mystery to our self?  We are fundamentally a part of the Great Mystery.

Emotions are our truthful clues to what is REALLY important to us.  What we value.  What we need.  What we know in our heart-of-hearts.  To ignore our emotions and the information they contain as they communicate to and through us is to live “at risk” and “in peril.”

In my thinking the more materialistic our culture gets, the more we lose track of what it means to be a soul-full creation with a guiding spirit connected to everyone and everything surrounding us, the more emotions become unwieldly DANGEROUS – if not SUBVERSIVE – operations running lose in the world.  HOW MESSY!

Emotions?  How uncontrollable (yet how mainipulate-able)!  How un-machine-like!  How intangible (can’t have THAT in a materialist society!)  How anti-status quo.  How TRULY HUMAN OF US!  How impeccably honest!


What would our society and culture (and research findings) look like if there was absolutely NO money to be made by creating pharmaceuticals that manipulate, dash, squash, numb, alter, erase (ha, like that’s possible), deaden, etc. EMOTIONS?

ALL the panaceas?  Even alcohol, street drugs, nicotine, processed sugar, caffeine?  What of adrenaline rushes?  What of sex?  What of “buying the right product?”

Am I preaching anarchy?  Chaos?

I can think of only one other kind of change that would no doubt result in an equal disequilibrium of “the great American way.”  Remove all laws back to our Constitution.


What inner laws do people allow themselves to live by?  Why are we so terrified of what the purity of our own – and of others’ – emotions are telling us?

When did it become an as-yet unspoken American law that it is illegal to FEEL, pay attention to, honor and respect and LEARN from our emotions – ALL of them?  What would happen if we lived lives based upon the honest integrity of how we FEEL?

We seem to have, for example, a massive epidemic of depression in our nation that we are told MUST be medicated away.  How much power for truth-filled living are we erasing by depleting our storehouse, our power-house of truth connected to choices in our lives that are – actually ARE – making us “sad” or “angry” or even – heaven forbid!  FRIGHTENED as we tread through the moments of our lives?

How much MONEY is being made both by the corporations that create these drugs and the “professionals” that are paid the big bucks to PUSH them?  How about the universities and other institutions whose bucks are made by swaying research findings in favor of drugged living?  Where is the outright propaganda in these scenarios?

Where is the terror hidden among us connected to what might or likely would happen if we actually listened to our truth-filled emotions and then CHANGED ourselves and our lives so that our emotions could change toward the positive all by themselves?

Would there be nothing left within and around us but unbridled PANIC?

Oh, no!  Better panaceas than panic.  To keep this imbalance in balance in our society we better put all the pressure we possibly can on those errant few who refuse to accept DRUGS as the answer to their life concerns and conflicts.

In the meantime….

Those who do not literally BUY into “the system” better keep their thoughts AND their feelings silent.

Where, exactly, IS the safety in these faulty patterns?

Don’t ask.  Don’t tell.  And no matter the cost to your own well-being — DON’T FEEL!

Erase the emotions and all truthful information contained within them and connected to them disappears, as well.  Better that than chaos and anarchy.  Or honest change.


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