+WHOSE TRUTH IS TRUE? “We don’t WANT to stay home with our little ones!”


Monday, April 07, 2014. I just tried out my daughter’s pedometer. I walked 45 minutes on “a track” around this small apartment for 45 minutes, burned 165 calories, walked 4900 steps which equaled about 2.4 miles. Too bad I have become addicted to Snickers candy bars! I would have to walk 6 or more hours per day to get rid of those calories!

Actually, on my all-green organic vegetable “diet” I lost 45 pounds in less than 3 months. That losing got a little scary – so, back to eating basic crap for the most part. I had actually discovered that not even 1% of what’s sold in grocery stores is GOOD for me. So, for now, I gave up and decided, “What the ever-lovin’ HECK! I’ll just eat dang Snickers!”

Too high of a stress level is evidently nearly as bad for one’s health as is improper diet – and my stress level remains ridiculously high! I figure – “Snickers are good anti-stress agents!”

AND, when I do my walking in the house I can practice with my drumsticks the entire time, strengthening my hands and fingers, etc.  Not sure I’m quite up for doing all of THAT out on the public sidewalks yet.


Overall I am sad at the ending in the next few hours of support for Windows XP. It ran SO WELL!! My poor only Suzy Cute, old computer – too bad, so sad….

I am with her until the bitter end. Captainess going down with her ship?

Nearly so.


A friend sent me a great link today that reinforces my own thinking about the harm of daycare centers. This is a British article. (I challenge my friend to find a comparable American take on this condition!)

Infants ‘institutionalised’ by overexposure to childcare

Mary Bousted, general secretary of the Association of Teachers and Lecturers (ATL), says that pressure on parents to work for long hours is damaging family life and failing to meet the needs of children

I don’t think very many people have a clue what this article is talking about. Although I do use the term “day orphanages” I had not directly connected the situation considered by this article to “institutionalization” but I clearly get the point.

As one commenter to this article mentioned, “…the state agenda is all about controlling future generations by becoming their parent instead.

The reality of the neurophysiological consequences to infants and preschoolers who are being robbed of close safe and secure attachment relationships means that how these children develop will be different than it would be if the attachment relationships were present. To continue to use the argument that “poor and disadvantaged” and “abused and neglected” children are “better off being cared for outside of the home” and in “early schooling environments” simply carries NO weight when it comes to applying it to ALL THE REST of the children!

Personally, at least at this moment, I am not thinking too highly of those people who occupy “mainstream America.” Maybe not their parallel in Britain, either.

(Insitutionalized: That’s what people used to say about what happened to those locked up in mental hospitals. It’s what happens to prisoners whose institutionalization keeps them permanent returnees. It’s what Red China used, what Hitler used….. The truth of the matter is that MANY, MANY mothers would NEVER choose to stay home to care for their children, not even their newborns, not their children under five or of any age. Their fathers would not make that choice, either. These parents do not WANT to stay home with their children. DO-NOT-WANT-TO. So, blaming “the state” is exactly – how helpful to the little ones growing up most of their waking hours of their lives in these day orphanages?)


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