Friday, March 21, 2014.  I don’t watch TV.  My source of news is the people in my life.  One of my sisters called last night with love and interest about my life.  She mentioned the 2-week missing plane and evident fears and speculations that terrorists have stolen it for some horrible purpose.  That info was enough to severely disturb my sleep last night.


Malaysia Airlines MH370 suspected debris may have sunk, Australia says

Indian Ocean search continues for objects picked out by satellite images 5 days ago

Thomson Reuters Posted: Mar 21, 2014

The international team hunting for Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 in the southern Indian Ocean has not turned up anything so far, and Australia’s deputy prime minister said the suspected debris may have sunk.

Aircraft and ships have renewed a search in the Andaman Sea between India and Thailand, going over areas that have already been exhaustively swept to find some clue to unlock one of the most inexplicable mysteries in modern aviation.

“It’s about the most inaccessible spot that you can imagine on the face of the Earth, but if there is anything down there, we will find it,” Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott told reporters in Papua New Guineau, where he is on a visit.”



How horrible for the families of the 239 people missing with that plane.  How telling about this juncture in the evolution of the human race that fears of malevolent capture of this plane should arise to trouble even a single soul on this planet.  How true, “We are our own worst enemy.”

And how fortunate I feel to have been given the ability to believe in an all-loving Creator Who has given us the great gift of the ability to pray.  I awoke today knowing yet again what came so clear to me yesterday:  I cannot find my way through life without accessing this power for guidance.  When I am most troubled I rely upon a long prayer for healing and another prayer I believe has great power to assist.

But this one is one of my absolute favorites, so gentle, uplifting and comforting:

Blessed is the spot, and the house,
and the place, and the city,
and the heart, and the mountain,
and the refuge, and the cave,
and the valley, and the land,
and the sea, and the island,
and the meadow where mention
of God hath been made,
and His praise glorified.


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