+AMERICA, WHERE IS OUR SHAME/GUILT? ‘Child Well-being in Rich Countries: A comparative overview’, Innocenti Report Card 11– UNICEF Office of Research (2013).


Friday, January 10, 2014.  Firstly, I want to mention that a friend just sent me this link – and I thought it worthy of sharing!


How Guilt and Feelings of Selfishness Can Trap You… and Your Whole Family

January 9, 2014 by Cathy

Guilt and shame producing phrases echo through many people’s childhood. Parents, teachers, grandparents, siblings, even complete strangers use those words, and others repeat them. Those phrases are used because they work… at least in the short run. They are great way to “cope” with and manage children. Here’s why…  [Click on title above to read more]


I think about this topic in terms of a range of actions on a continuum from cooperation to competition for resources that are either plentiful or scarce in their availability.  They can also be considered in terms of resiliency and risk factors.  Safe and secure human attachment relationships, which trump the harmful effects of nearly all traumatic experiences, can be improved through awareness and choice. 

This is where individual consciousness gained through healing from early wounds allows us to make different choices in our caregiving of others  — especially young ones — so that we do not repeat the negative messages that there is not enough available in the environment to support our optimal health and well-being.




UNICEF Office of Research (2013). ‘Child Well-being in Rich Countries:  A comparative overview’, Innocenti Report Card 11

Of the 29 countries included in this report look carefully at how close to the BOTTOM the United States of America is AGAIN!  Where are the riches in our country and how are they spread out in regard to the well-being of all children in our nation?

Scroll down for a simple view to Part Three and look at this table:  Figure 7.0 Limited overview of child well-being


» Despite a 10 point fall over the decade, the United States continues to have the highest teenage fertility rate in the developed world.


There are certainly times when guilt is a very appropriate emotion on the “compassion and action” scale as it is meant to generate healthy responses to social situations.  Where is America’s conscience when it comes to the well-being of ALL of our little ones?


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