I subscribed to the newsletter from the folks who wrote The pH Miracle book (see mid-June blog posts) I am using for my very intense body cleanse and healing.  This article is fascinating.  It has some typos in it, but I wanted to share this.

Scientists Prove DNA Can Be Reprogrammed by Words and Frequencies.

I am reminded by this article to try to pay close attention to my thoughts while I go through this cleanse.  Today has been HELL – and that IS the truth – with at least 20 explosions as this detoxing continues.  Even though I live alone and there is absolutely nobody here to comfort me whatsoever as I pursue this healing, I AM HERE – GOD IS HERE – ANGELS ARE HERE, and this is what matters.

I do not want to doubt that the healing I seek is possible, and those thoughts are ones I can become especially conscious and careful of right now.  I know nobody who has done what I am trying to do right now – but I know they are out there.  I will know the value of what I am going through after I have completed this process.

And yes, Linda, there is going to be a positive end to this!!

The article at the link above is very inspiring.  Please take a look!!!!  It certainly gives some food for thought.


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  1. The end about, An ordered group consciousness creates order in its whole surroundings!, rings so true. I have found this in my own life especially with children around. The louder more random things get the same happens to the children and a quieting voice helps return all to a normality. Great read, thank you.

    • Nice to read your observation about children. I am working my way through this major move with hopes I can offer to my grandsons (1 & 3) exactly what you describe! Hope indeed! Thank you!

  2. Thoughts become words which in turn turn into believable realities so yes be aware of the words, frequencies is a new one to me but I do not see why they wouldn’t have an effect also.

  3. Thanks Linda! I think what is so confusing for me and maybe others is that I am only realising now
    That my mother is capable of believing these things about me. it has been so confusing all my life
    Because when I was young she showed support of me when my step mother abused me. But what
    Was really happening was an alliance which benefitted her more – as I was turned into her mother –
    I had to on the one hand take care of her emotionally and on the other not be independent. When I
    Said no – I became bad. Also I was kept infantalised by her saying I could never do anything right as I
    Had learning problems. Its only now that I am properly the bad one because I refuse tp play along.

    My mother is a bit different from yours (I think?) In that she goes from victim to aggressor and back. It
    Sounds like your mother didn’t fluctuate?

    Well – I absolutely am seeing the toxicity and I think she is becoming less subtle as she gets older.

    You post on the link is very good and strong. I hope your daughter can fit some of it in to the book. That
    Is very exciting that she’s nearly finished editing. She must have worked hard and sounds really dedicated.

    • Mother had 5 other children who were identified in her sick mind differently than I was. It was with them that her “victim” mentality appeared except that everyone knew she was victimized by me.

      I had no choice growing up but to believe her. Nobody ever validated any other perspective. Because I was encased within her madness a part of me had to believe that I was not human, that I was the devil’s child sent to kill her while I was being born — the beginning point of what I refer to as her verbal abuse litany that in fact was, as is described in Story Without Words, the energy that ran her entire psychotic mental matrix within which she was trapped and never escaped in her lifetime.

      I do think few mothers are as seriously psychotically disturbed as mine was. There was no room in her psychotic world for me to “mother” her. That was the role given to her 2nd born daughter who was her God’s Child who could do no wrong.

      It is ALL sick! Including any concept of “being bad” related to setting your own boundaries within your thinking is not good for you, in my opinion. We have to leave the negative frames of reference OUTSIDE our own personal boundaries as much as we can learn to do this. I am so fortunate not to have to deal with the sickness of my mother who has left this world!!!

      Sending you best wishes and kindest thoughts for your continued healing, Gingercat! Thank you for writing!!!! xoxo

  4. Hi Linda,
    Thanks so much for these posts. I went to the bpd link and had a look (found an old post of mine actually!). My mother
    Has many of those points. As I read, I could see a few relating to myself actually 😦 but I spose if one grows up with someone
    With a disorder like this one is bound to be mistrustful, feel abandoned easily and so on. It makes sense that this disorder can
    Have repeating consequences. Yes, I’ve started to accept that she cannot conceptualise reality – only her own. I think that
    The last 2 years and even last 2 weeks I’ve been stunned at the truth of it. How she can accuse me, blame me for being demanding
    Since I was born, tell me I was semi psychotic and heard voices etc! One of the things I’m coming to realise is how my sense of
    Reality was eroded – so one wonders what was the truth. This is mind blowing. Sorry to say all this here, don’t want to take up too
    Much space. Its just that many people I think don’t realise that this is what has happened to them. They just go through life thinking
    That they are crazy. I am at the point where I have to decide how much contact to have or not. I can’t leave my brother as the only one
    (He doesn’t see the situation) but as you say I must think of my own sanity.
    Thanks for your caring!! I’m so grateful for your blog and for you!

    • Hi dear Gingercat – These people are completely toxic and in cases like yours and mine their entire intent (from their mental illness standpoint) is to torture us while keeping us alive as the bad part of their own self. They will contaminate us in every way they can.

      Yes, we can have those characteristics you mention because we have been poisoned. We can heal. They cannot.

      I care about everyone who posts of their continued suffering with these abusive monsters and today have generated in my post the strongest statements I have yet made about being the prey of these mothers. I sent the link to the post to my duaghter – she can decide what part if any of those statements need to appear at the end of Story Without Words which she has very nearly completed the editing of (she is SO busy!).


      We deserved none of “this” and ALL OF IT IS A LIE!! Oh, dear friend, as you write of your mother I can so clearly hear mine! People who have not been the prey of these sick sick people cannot IMAGINE the filthy horrors they actually BELIEVE about us — because they cannot tolerate believing them about themselves – which THEY ACTUALLY DO!

      NONE of this has ANYTHING to do with US! NONE OF IT my dear, beautiful precious friend!!!!!! And please do not ever be concerned about space on this blog – there is plenty of it – and other people who struggle and suffer come and read your words and you HELP THEM!! Not a worry at all – and I always love hearing from you!!

      This is like a maze – trying to find the healing way out – and having to leave behind those who are lost in the maze of their madness until they leave this world. We have to STOP these cycles from ever happening in the first place!! xoxox!!!

  5. It been a really rough week with cat flap m. Lots of angry messages
    Lots of circular arguements, blaming me, no honesty – I guess this is
    how people respond when they don’t want to look at their own horrible
    Childhoods and just want to get those needs met by others – ever-hungry,
    Never satisfied and angry. But I’m starting to see how I must deal with it. Just very
    Angry and sad! In light of this the article on grandma’s childhood experiences
    Is very eye opening.
    By the way, I’ll try and find a link to free listening of the beats. I know I saw
    Some so will post soon!

    • Dearest Gingercat. If your mother has either Narcissistic Personality Disorder or (more likely) Borderline Personality Disorder which encompasses NPD only much worse, it is important to know that her BRAIN formed in such a way that in her mental illness she will NEVER be able to even begin to conceptualize “the real world.” It is my belief and true for my BPD mother that the longer they live the worse the disease becomes.

      I receive comments from other readers whose mothers have BPD who are facing trying to provide care for their older sick mothers and are going through HELL as you are. I had to disown my mother. My siblings each reached a very similar point, but our mother definitely had psychosis with her illness. In the end she so isolated herself that she died sick and alone but that was the course of her disease.

      In my opinion it is IMPOSSIBLE to reason with such a woman as my mother was, as your mother is. She is entirely mentally ill and there is no part of this woman that is not deeply affected by her illness. Did you read “Stop Walking on Eggshells?” To many it takes too much of a “soft shoe” approach to dealing with these people but it is a start. The truth is there is NO WAY to deal with these people, and certainly not to TALK to them — OR TO LISTEN TO THEM.

      How to be around a human being who is so full of pain and rage without either listening to or talking to them is beyond me but that is what it takes. Can you find a way to do this for yourself? Have you seen the comments to this post?


      Your mother is an upside down, inside out person. You are not. There is no possible way the two of you can ever communicate about anything in ordinary ways. This is a tragedy beyond comprehension, but my concern is for YOU!! You cannot afford to let anything cat flap mother does bother you AT ALL! Not one little BIT! Can you get yourself to that point??

    • It is vital to realize what your mother is doing is not because

      this is how people respond when they don’t want to look at their own horrible
      Childhoods and just want to get those needs met by others – ever-hungry

      SHE IS MENTALLY ILL AND CANNOT MAKE A DIFFERENT CHOICE. It is not because she doesn’t WANT to. SHE CANNOT. That is the nature of her mental illness. She might as well be DEAD, dear friend! BPD is a horrible, tragic disease and I 100% believe your mother is dead to you because of it. She cannot CHOOSE to heal. We can!

  6. I was told that I was Celiac a month ago…switched to a Gluten Free diet and most of my IBS symptoms seem to have been alleviated.They did blood tests,a baruim swallow, colonoscopy,,,viola, Gluten Allergy.I’ve suffered with the runs/anemia most of my life.I even had a hysterectomy 10 years ago because of severe anemia ( was actually Celiac).

    • Very helpful to know that for your body! I am glad they figured that out for you! Took them long enough!

        • Oh – yes!

          According to the new insights of behavioral epigenetics, traumatic experiences in our past, or in our recent ancestors’ past, leave molecular scars adhering to our DNA. Jews whose great-grandparents were chased from their Russian shtetls; Chinese whose grandparents lived through the ravages of the Cultural Revolution; young immigrants from Africa whose parents survived massacres; adults of every ethnicity who grew up with alcoholic or abusive parents — all carry with them more than just memories.

          Like silt deposited on the cogs of a finely tuned machine after the seawater of a tsunami recedes, our experiences, and those of our forebears, are never gone, even if they have been forgotten. They become a part of us, a molecular residue holding fast to our genetic scaffolding. The DNA remains the same, but psychological and behavioral tendencies are inherited. You might have inherited not just your grandmother’s knobby knees, but also her predisposition toward depression caused by the neglect she suffered as a newborn.”

  7. 🙂 cat flap mother struck again. This time she sent me prov 15:20 because I didn’t
    Respond the right way to her sms (cell message).

    The music I listen to I’ve downloaded as mp3s free off the internet.
    I just google free bibaural/ isochronic beats/ meditation music. You have to search a bit.

    I’m so glad about the possible extra healing session. I hope it happens.

    I went to the local homeopathic pharmacy and the sales lady looked at me
    And suggested a liver and gall blader flush! Special capsules and 1 tablespoon
    Olive oil + 1 tablespoon fresh lemon juice for two weeks then 2 day liver cleanse with above
    + epsom salts and more special capsules.


    Yes, I’ve heard IBS is one of those extremes. It must be getting so common with our modern diets.

    • IBS – stress and diet!!

      I will see what I can find of the music/sounds – the Yoga Nidra cd from my sis just arrived

      I had such a calm good day yesterday – sun is out today, it is gorgeous, and I feel like crap. I am missing calls with my special people and I NEED that contact! Also just back in the rut of feeling stuck stuck, poor poor, etc – solutions?

      At least I don’t have a cat flap mother to deal with!!!!

      I have been wondering if a person can consume epsom salts – I guess to create diarrhea – I guess I don’t need that!! xoxo

      there is a new doc in town, he’s giving a talk at our food co-op sat. i want to go hear him….

    • I do not have mp3 – do you think you could put an address for a page of the sounds into a comment here that can just be listened to online?

  8. I’m sorry its been so rough lately!! I am writing this pre-article read
    – because I’m excited about what the title says. I’ve heard similar
    Things said. That’s why I’m listening a lot to isochronic tones and
    binaural beats as I’ve heard the frequencies can effect changes in the
    Brain. I definitely feel calmer (and sometimes sleepy the whole day)
    After listening.

    I had a strange experience – my mother came to my flat without
    Warning and posted something for me through the cat flap. The story
    Has a whole context but bit complicated. The main thing is that as she
    Posted she pushed hard enough to almost bring the partially glued flap off.
    I was napping and got such a fright. I’ve been jumpy ever since. This small
    Thing made me think of you and your ‘explosions’ which are so much greater.
    Now for the article!

    • Oh Geeze! Not the cat flap mother!!! Just brings a smile as I envision this delivery — and sorry for the STARTLE!!! Perhaps for the whole episode front to back, start to finish??

      I am still waiting for the Yoga Nidra cd my sis was sending me – it has not arrived. I posted her an email to that effect – if she did order it she needs to know it’s not here yet.

      I am intrigued by your description of what you are listening to. Is that something you just play from online through your computer, or did you get a cd?

      I have a friend that wants to have a session in Tucson with the healer I went to – and I asked if I could go with him and he said yes. So, am waiting….. The other appointment was so rushed and cut in half due to us arriving late when the driver got lost. I could REALLY use some affirmations/encouragement/information — I would like to hear what we did not have time for in the first appointment so I hope she agrees to see me.

      I went online today and did quite a bit of reading on Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) which I may well suffer from except I never have any pain whatsoever. In any case I am very sure this cleanse is good for me all around but IBS is very complicated – I guess I needed to try to bring myself down to earth with my expectations that I can heal myself of the diarrhea troubles for good. I have no idea, really — but this is definitely all the way around one of the hardest times of my adult life so far.

      I hope to hear what you think of that article. It got a little complicated for me to follow but I think the gist of it is very positive – and tells me that humanity of the future will probably be vastly different from who/how we are today. There is great potential!!!! xoxo

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