A friend I met in a college art course over 30 years ago called me this evening.  She has lived in Manhattan for a long time now so we don’t see one another often.  As she gave me a report on the past six months of her life she told me of at least ten people in her circle of friends who are either battling cancer or have died of it in recent months.  One of the people battling uterine cancer is my friend’s dear sister.

How good we are as a society at blandly accepting the tragedy and devastation of major sicknesses of all kinds while we seem equally adept at pretending to ourselves and one another that we simply do not understand how these bad things happen to us!

I enjoyed telling my friend of my new actions to take control (finally) of the state of my body although my entire day – and probably quite a few more to come – looked exactly like this:

WHEN WE SAY CLEANSE, WE MEAN CLEANSE.  All this can have quite a laxative effect.  Green juice alone can do it.  This is the way your body physically gets rid of the acidic bad stuff.  It doesn’t just evaporate.  This is just what you want:  to make sure you get rid of the pollution that has built up in your body, and in particular in your small intestine and colon.  Until you know your body’s response to the program, it is wise not to have anything else planned so you can focus on the pH Miracle Whole Body Cleanse — and just stay fairly close to the bathroom facilities.  Be prepared to pay a visit to the bathroom at least six to ten times a day as the acidic toxins clear from your body.” — by Shelley Redford Young and Robert O. Young, The pH Miracle: Balance Your Diet, Reclaim Your Health Page 175


I am fortunate to be home in order to do this cleanse, although the reasons I am home do not make me remotely happy (trauma caused disability).  What would happen to us as a nation if we all decided we have had ENOUGH of our ignorance and of our stubborn refusal to see what is actually right in front of our face if we quit believing all the lies we tell one another and believe ourselves? 

What would happen to us if everyone working decided enough is enough – “We want to LIVE and do so WELL?”  What would happen is that water usage would go way up as people going through detox made very good use of their “bathroom facilities” as the vast amounts of toxic waste in our bodies left us behind. 

What would happen is that the amount of CRAP FAKE PRODUCT we pretend is food and beverage would crash the market as sales plummeted while green vegetables of all kinds could not be found in enough mass to feed the starving masses (that is what we are actually doing as we consume “food” that is not really food).


I have never wanted to be one of those “weird health food nuts.”  Yet if I don’t get with the health program I know for a fact I am going to meet an ugly demise due to death by an awful disease that will take not only my quality of life away but take away my very life.  These are not “bad” people that we hear of with diabetes, thyroid, autoimmune diseases, arthritis, heart disorders, depression, digestive disorders, “nervous” disorders, cancers – the list is seemingly not only endless but is growing.  Who is immune?

Who will bother to spend the time and money to click on the link of this book (above), pay to order it and then READ it?  Nobody.  That is my guess.  Nobody who comes to this blog will hear a word I am saying.  Nobody I talk to about the terrible consequences we are suffering due to wrong DIET and unhealed emotional difficulties including high stress will listen.  Meanwhile, pharmaceutical companies make billions right along with the medical mainstream establishment from our stupidity and stubborn refusal to learn the truth about what our BODY NEEDS us to do for it so that it can heal itself.

Why am I surprised?  I look around myself from my little corner of the universe and detect daily the evidence that the human race is truly insane.  That is just one more species-wide sickness to add to the rampantly disintegrating state of our world. 

Yet one by one we can make different choices.  What I am doing now is mentally and emotionally nearly as challenging to me as were the horrors of my chemotherapy treatments five years ago.  People loved, supported, cared, helped me THEN — but here I am alone racing against time to the toilet as I try to FIX the mess that I have created (with major help in the beginning of a psycho abusive madwoman) in my body so that I can BE WELL and not get SICK.


Nobody attends to us when we do this kind of work.  Do we LIKE being sick as a nation so we can get attention?  From family members and friends who feel so badly for us because they love us?  From doctors and medical professionals whom we PAY huge volumes of money to when we fall on our pathetic backsides?

I guarantee there is NOTHING pleasurable about doing what I am doing now — but boy is this making me THINK, FEEL, WORK, STRUGGLE and GROW!  I find myself wondering how, when, where, why did we ever come to believe that eating our food was supposed to be right in line with the major Hollywood entertainment industry?

There is nothing particularly charming about throwing 10 fresh spinach leaves and broccoli florets into a blender to make the required juice for this first healing cleanse.  No whipped cream?  “I want a potato chip!”

Petulant child in me wanted a potato chip tonight.  I don’t EAT potato chips.  I just want what I can’t have.  I want to eat totally useless CRAP, pretend that is fun because everyone else is doing it, and remain immune to the consequences.

“Linda, you are turning 62 years old.  GROW UP ALREADY!  Get informed and get busy!  This is the only body you are going to have in this lifetime and you trade its health for brownies and nachos?  Girl, you are gonna get what you ask for.”


P.S.  I am up writing this two hours after I tried to go to sleep.  As I lay there in bed for an hour I noticed something interesting as I continue to struggle with my breathing.  I suffer from chronic dissociation that began with severe infant abuse.  I have Dissociative Identity Disorder without the identies due to the horrendous abuse I suffered for the first 18 years of my life.  Tonight I clearly discovered that there are multiple “mes” each trying to breathe at the same time!!

Of course one of those breathers still smokes which is making the breathing increasingly challenging for the rest of me/mes.  I didn’t take time to read the yoga book on breathing today that I mentioned in my last post.  I have enough on my plate right now — well, no, that’s not quite the right analogy!  I actually have NOTHING on my literal plate as I live for 7-21 days on a green vegetable juice “feast!”


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    • There never will be an end to this in our lifetime. But we are TOUGH and we are still here!!! There’s a lot going on down here that’s got me SPINNING but it will all turn out good!!

  1. I’m not sure where my comment went! I’m keen to do this too –
    Just bought spinach, celery, broccoli and ginger – I need a bit of something
    To spice the green drink up! Ginger is also good for immune system.
    In my last post I said that I’d realised that right after traumatic events in
    Childhood I began to have candida imbalance. Had ear infection, sinus issues
    Colon problems – all apparently related to candida. So I’ve just begun a more
    Raw veg diet with onions, garlic etc. Many herbs and spices could be nice to add to
    The green drink too I’m thinking. Also healthy. I didn’t know you suffer from DID
    – the unspecified one is it? Wow. That sure makes sense in light of the trauma.


    • Good morning, Gingercat! Yes, the unspecified one! Certainly makes living INTERESTING!!!!!

      Get the BOOK and just begin to read it. More than a college course worth of material in it, more info in this book than any I have ever read – fascinating and critically important — and HOPE in it!! A person can begin wherever they want to just as you are saying – get a way to test urine pH – the strip paper or a swimming pool water tester (I want one but have the papers so will use first). The book will tell how to test throughout the day, but the first void in morning is the place to start.

      Most everyone runs to acidd (low numbers). We should be steady between 7.2 and 7.4. There is incredible magical miraculous info about good SALT in here, about all kinds of things. Oh, I am excited to think you will get this book and begin to make good changes. I hope to hear in comments along the way what you think! Can you order from amazon.com where you are?

      Well, I am off to squish some of my aloe plants into my morning drink, but have to do my 45 minute walk first – cause once I start the green vegie drinks for the day, well, I know where that will put me – detoxing!!!! So good to hear from you! And yes, he says NO YEAST of any kind! NONE, not nutritional or brewer’s or baking yeast. NO YEAST.

      You won’t believe what’s in that book!!!!! xoxox

    • And of COURSE you would need GINGER!!!! It’s allowed, too, from the start to the end of life!

      I have found that I LOVE the taste of the vegies. I can’t wait for you to start reading!! Then I will have someone to share this whole journey with. We will be healthier once the transitions are made than we have ever been in our entire LIFETIME!!!

  2. I am going to try this!! I have become more aware of colon problems and my father had colon cancer a few
    Years ago. Also I recently realised that I’ve had auto immune issues since very young – I’ve had candida overgrowth
    In my system starting exactly from the traumatic events in early childhood. I never realised it but am now linking my
    Sinus problems, ear fungal problems and colon difficulties to this. I read that candida imbalance also can be connected
    To depression and anxiety. I’ve just begun introducing more raw foods into my diet and felt good.
    Potato chips are definitely hard to resist – and they add flavour enhancements to them which really drives our tastebuds
    I will add ginger to the green drink because this is very good as an immuune system supporter. Also herbs and spices can
    Be good for one and also add a bit of flavour – I know that if there is some flavour I will be more likely to continue with a diet
    Like this! Xxx

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