Many thanks to Sandy Mitchell for forwarding the information to me about these important free webinar sessions about how TRAUMA impacts the BODY and about HEALING. 

I am not very techno-savvy, but given the fact that I very much NEED to know this information personally – I have registered for the upcoming webinar for this Wednesday, May 8, 2013.

These are offered through the Sensorimotor Psychotherapy Institute:  Professional Training in Somatic Psychology.  (“Soma” = Body.)


This is the information contained in the email Sandy sent to me just now:

Dear Colleague,

As you know, helping people heal from trauma often means knowing how to go beyond talking to resolve symptoms by working with the body.

Our friends from NICABM are doing a webinar with SPI founder/educational director Pat Ogden, PhD, and I highly encourage you to take part.  Dr. Ogden will be discussing how important the link between the brain, mind, and body is in understanding trauma.

This Wednesday’s webinar with Pat will air at 5pm Eastern and is free to watch at the time of broadcast – you just have to sign up.

Pat will also demonstrate how physical exercises can help patients develop a solid sense of self.

Here’s the full agenda for the webinar:

  • Uncovering Root Causes – The Long-Term Effects of Attachment Issues
  • The Big Things We Miss When We Forget the Body
  • Work in the Now: Why the Present is So Important
  • How Trauma Sounds: Interpreting Prosody
  • How to Capture Fleeting Bodily Expressions
  • Why Experiments Are So Effective in Therapy
  • How Interoceptive Awareness Becomes Compromised and Why this Matters
  • Building the Resources that Stabilize Arousal

This webinar is part of NICABM’s New Treatments for Trauma series, in which the latest ideas and practical applications are explained by other experts like Peter Levine, PhD, Bessel van der Kolk, MD, Stephen Porges, PhD, Francine Shapiro, PhD, and Ruth Lanius, MD, PhD.

Watching the webinar is free at the time of broadcast – just click here to sign up.

Or, you can get a Gold Membership to get the videos, audios, and transcripts for every webinar in the series, even if you’ve missed one!  But, the price for the Gold Membership will be going up soon, so be sure to take a look now.


Nate P. Mariotti

Director of Training Operations

Sensorimotor Psychotherapy® Institute (SPI)

Sensorimotor Psychotherapy® Europe (SPEU)  

PS Gold Members get 3 additional bonuses just for signing up, so please take a look.  The price for this series is going up soon! 


   This webinar series is sponsored by our friends at NICABM

Click Here for complete information

For questions please contact   

Phone: (860) 456-1153  

Fax: (860) 423-4512


Sensorimotor Psychotherapy® Institute (SPI) is an educational organization founded by Pat Ogden, PhD.  SPI is dedicated to the study and teaching of a somatic approach to clinical psychotherapy practice. Sensorimotor Psychotherapy® is a body-oriented talking therapy that integrates verbal techniques with body-centered interventions in the treatment of trauma, attachment, and developmental issues.

SPI offers trainings and workshops for psychotherapists and allied professionals in Sensorimotor Psychotherapy® and courses for body therapists on somatic resources. The courses taught by SPI are based on principles of mindfulness and mind/body/spirit holism and informed by contemporary research in neuroscience, attachment theory, trauma, and related fields. 



I am not good with math (!!) but I do know it is important to notice the time zone this free webinar is being listed with.  We have to make adjustments for our individual time zones in order to catch the free sessions for these webinars – there is an automatic time zone adjustment on the page you reach after you register.  I believe there will be many more intriguing and important ones coming up soon.

After I completed the registration I received this email:

Hi Linda,

Thank you for signing up!

Just click on the link below to see the schedule for the 2013 Trauma Therapy Webinar Series:

The webinars take place every Wednesday at 5:00pm EDT, with a rebroadcast at 6:30pm EDT.

We’ll also send you email reminders with links to the webinar on each broadcast day.

Enjoy the program!

All best,



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