I had a dream, a long wonderful dream last night that I was relaxing with loved ones, friends and family alike, on the shores of a brilliant turquoise sea that seemed to be along the west coast of Mexico.  I’ve never been to such a place in my life!  I could feel the healing of that place and of our time there.  So while I can’t get there from here literally, I have decided to create as much of that feeling and that state of relaxation right here — all by myself — the best that I can.

No more thoughts of book writing until the 3rd of May.  I don’t know if I will post here on the blog or not.  The point is I have been working in such a dark arena of toxic ooze all the way through the contruction of these ten current manuscripts that I am worn out.

Makes perfect sense to me!  Time to let go and let the love of the universe heal what only can be healed that way.  For now, I let go. 


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6 thoughts on “+TAKING A HOLIDAY

  1. I haven’t seen wild at heart but I think it is South African. We do have some spectacular scenery,
    Lovely coastline too. A programme I like is Shoreline – gives a taste of history, archeology and marine
    Biology of the coastlines od SA. There are a few game reserves near where I live – tho I live in the middle
    Of the city so don’t see animals of course. Apart from the monkeys, buck and zebra on our university campus
    – this is situated in a reserve!
    We are indeed having Fall or autumn. I always liked the word Fall. Its our best time of the year – we’ve
    Had lovely weather. Between too hot/cold and its not too windy for a change.
    I’m very glad its summer for you so you can do your gardening. Good weather really helps everything.

  2. Hi Linda! Yes its been a while – I’ve often thought of you too.
    Was having lots to work through – sorry not to have been writing
    Here tho. I missed it. I feel a little like a new hatched baby chick!
    I am so interested in the amazing-sounding action figures, can’t wait
    To see.. In the mean time take care of yourself and I hope the bong drums
    Get a work out now and then.

    • Thru netflix I’ve been streaming and watching a BBC show, Wild at Heart — supposedly about S. Africa — but I don’t know? folks have a game preserve – lots of animals – gorgeous — and scenery

      summer coming here, I suppose fall’s coming where you are! Just very very NICE hearing from you!! Always hoping things are going well for you — sending LOVE always!!

  3. How Wonderful that you were given that dream. Especially considering
    All you have been writing about. I hope you have been able to wrap yourself
    In the warm effects of such a dream and emerse yourself in healing nature. I
    Can’t wait to see your garden photos – still need to look.

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