This blog isn’t dedicated to the stopping of the storms caused by all traumas.  It is specifically dedicated to finding ways to Stop the Storm of traumas caused by adults passing their own unresolved traumas down to their offspring.  I believe this is a reachable goal, one that requires the involvement of all people within a society as they come to recognize that what happens in the lives of infants and children impacts the course of physiological development in critically important ways. 

Most of these changes are permanent and cannot be reversed.  They cause complications and difficulties that early trauma survivors will suffer from for the rest of their lives.  These changes were – and are – preventable.

If America wishes to be remembered as a nation of plenty that squandered its offspring to cause the disintegration of their society from the inside out, we are well on the way to recognizing our most negative potential.  But, then, we are a nation that founded itself on lies told to and genocide committed against the indigenous people who lived here to begin with.  Perhaps we have never been a nation with a heart — but rather have been a nation with a ridiculous ego.

As the links here indicate

WE the U.S. and the WORLD

America is sustaining, and even gaining, global negative status when it comes to our lack of regard for our offspring.  Are we capable of national compassion and common sense?

In the meantime, this blog makes a point of discussing the other side of the “perfect American nation” mythology.  There are troubles in pretend fantasy land.  We could address and rectify the conditions that allow terrorism into the lives of our offspring.  Yes, we could.  Are we?  Will we?

Why on earth NOT?


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  1. I get it.I felt at the age of around 4 that it was up to me to stop the cycles of trauma and cancer in my maternal family. Ultimately i have felt it to be my task to change humanity.
    When i was around 20, there was the Vietnam war and it took me a long time to forgive americans for that, even befriend some.
    I know from former studies, that at the end of one paradigm, before it shifts into a whole new paradigm, the old rears its head in all its ugly characteristics. I am hoping, that this explains what is going on at the moment.
    Yet the other day i asked myself: Who am i, to deny others their conflicts, their rage, their hatred, if that is the level their souls are at. If those are the lessons they need to learn. God only knows how many lives it took me, before i learned/knew armed conflicts never work, rebellion, revolution never worked. I am no missionary and only a personal peacemaker when personally confronted with conflictsituations. I will always speak my truths however and be critical. Today i almost lost it. Possibly my brains going haywire due to no sleep. And i realized, i can write, as you can, but there is no way, i can share moments like that, the fear, the anxiety etc. Nor will i ever be able to understand what you have been through and what you are going through. Yet i believe there must be a way for traumasurvivors to come together and together be stronger personally and facing their monsters and their bad days.
    And meanwhile next generations get damaged all over again. I know, i break my head over that. I anguish over that, and give it my all to repair and undo that harm, which i never intended. I shortchanged myself in doing that. Yet it was not enough and i fell flat on my face. And possibly that is exactly how it is supposed to be, to unwind. So i withhold judgement and blame, for those inconsiderate ones with disable people, suffering symptoms stemming from trauma and attachmentdisorders.
    And today i am putting in my time of a 62 minute, my age, meditation, using a 528 Hz DNA healing brainwave frequency i found on YouTube.
    I accept things cannot change unless i fulfill the necessary conditions for it to be able to unfold and come to conclusion. Visualizing the end may work for some people, but for me, i have to walk every mile, in my own shoes, to complete the journey. Never being sure, that is even possible before my time comes of passing, of leaving this world.
    Stopping the storm in others, is a motherquality, one uses with small children, who are not yet capable of emotional selfregulation. I believe strongly, that when adult, it is everyone’s inherent right to have free will. To make mistakes, wrong choices etc., but never to willingly harm others especially not those one has intimate personal connections with. Yet if and when adults do, it is theirs to also live the consequences, which without question will one day be served to them. Cohesion became lost when more and more people left churches, mosques and sinagogues etc. But the intolerance and often hypocrisy, was not a good thing either. But i do believe, we have to find ways to rekindle cohesion and cooperation. Yet in ways, that stay far away from oppression, force, disrespect and intolerance etc. For now i will achieve to stopping doing all the aforementioned to myself and at the same time try to not do them to others.

    • Stopping the storm in others, is a motherquality, one uses with small children, who are not yet capable of emotional selfregulation.”

      My daughter was talking with me via her blue tooth as she picked her little boys up at daycare yesterday after her very demanding work day/week. She was talking with the oldest who is turning 3 on Monday about his day (the little one will be one in July). All seemed fine until she pulled into their driveway and the near-3 year old burst into heartbroken sobs.

      He didn’t want to be home! In his universe they could not arrive home until his Mommy had sung a song to him as she does every day on the way home. Through his sobs he agreed that it would be a good thing if they all drove around the block a few times so Mommy could sing, and THEN they could pull into the driveway. Sobs stopped. My daughter said goodbye to me and right before I hit disconnect on my phone I could hear her pure voice begin to sing “John Jacob Jiggleheimer Schmidt.”

      Now, THAT’S mothering!!

      • I found mothering when it came to being compassionate or empathic, relatively easy. It was when having to be really adult, knowing i was not my children’s friend, but their mother, their parent, that mothering felt hard to impossibly for me. Saying no to going out at an age too young f.i. Clearfeeling it felt not right. Later it appeared i was right. The boy who had asked my son, a fellow pupil at his school, was hooked on drugs and in a lot of trouble.
        You must have felt so proud though, that good came of your mothering, when hearing your daughter sing to your grandson.
        A safety unimaginable to me ever, to start sobbing and ask your mother or perhaps ever reprimanding your mother for not having sung the song.
        I find the fact that your and my children seem better equiped at LIVING life quite comforting.

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