I ordered this book and began reading it when it arrived at the post office yesterday:

Allen Carr’s Easyway to Stop Smoking by

Allen Carr

I am impressed, so impressed that I stopped reading it – for now.  My brother will be here in four hours for a visit.  He lives a long ways away and doesn’t come very often.  He’ll be here a week.  Carr says (I don’t know if he’s right but I am not going to run the risk that he is) that if a smoker does not stop smoking after they read this whole book they will continue smoking for the rest of their lives.

I sure am not going to quit right now with my brother coming!  No possible WAY!  I smoked my first cigarette 46 years ago when I was 16.  I am going to have some serious difficulties to face when I snub out my last cigarette – and I am not going to do that when my brother is here.

After he leaves on March 5th – I will finish this book and hope to be among the 10 million people so far that Allen Carr’s method has assisted to stop.


When I quit I will be working my way around some of the information that Carr presents as the informed severe early abuse survivor that I am.  There are some very particular and very special differences I am well aware of that cause the smoking experience to operate differently for survivors such as I am.  I have confidence that I can work through how these differences make smoking a different kind of experience for me than it is for people who did not suffer from relationship trauma that changed their physiological development from the moment they were born (if not even before that).

I imagine that I will be doing some writing about the whole experience as I go through it.  I hope that I am not seriously sidetracked from the book writing I will also pick up again after my brother leaves.

I will literally keep you posted!


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