+Being five – and surviving in hell: 2 more hard chapters


I feel in some ways like I am running the race of a lifetime writing this book.  Both I and the horse I race upon are at the peak of our abilities.  I was awakened at 2 am this morning by sentences pouring out of my mind.  They would not stop – so in these past eleven hours I have concluded two chapters that I skipped until now:

They will need an edit by me before they go to my daughter for the final edit – but I have no objectivity right now about that material – abuse memories from when I was 5 years old – combined with my psychotic BPD-mother’s diary entries corresponding to my memories.  My edit has to wait.

Read if you dare.  My conclusion is that what I would say about these two chapters could hardly be used for promoting my book!  “Anyone who reads these chapters and does not feel sickened in their heart and sick to their stomach has something very, very wrong with them.”


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