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You are also welcome to read the chapter I mentioned in my last post as I worked on it last night, +STORY- 11. Baby Dearest, although all chapters are still in editing stage.  (Preceding chapter as it mentions ‘Twilight Sleep’:  +STORY – 10. My Beginnings)  In this chapter eleven, for the first time in my book-writing process, I hit readers square in the face with my primary concerns.  At the same time I want to delete those words.  How much courage do I really have?  How much do I trust myself and my voice?  How afraid am I of alienating book readers?

I face my own bias that book reading is supposed to be a pleasurable experience.  I can see my own childish thinking here.  Who would pick up a book titled (as it stands at this moment) –

Story Without Words:  The Invisible Silence of Infant and Child Abuse

to read it for pleasure?  Come on now, Linda!  If anything, restraint of my voice thus far about what concerns me MOST surprises me!

I could not sleep past 3:30 this morning.  My writing mind was very busy forming within itself words like ‘silent’ and ‘silence’ to determine the difference between how they felt rolling around in my mouth.  My sleeping mind-mouth?

I gave up the sleeping and went back to the writing…….


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