After nearly a week of sleeping very poorly, thanks to heat and to this neighborhood’s many dogs barking all night whose irresponsible owners and the county dog catcher do nothing about, I am actually amazed that I slept well last night – all night!

But even more surprisingly to me I woke up remembering most of a lengthy dream I was having as I slept.  I seldom remember my dreams any more, a loss I began noticing about 12 years ago.  I know I dream.  But the content of nearly all of them seems now to be left in that other world beyond my waking reach.


What this dream is actually about I do not know.  Perhaps it is some kind of wishful thinking of mine that I am certainly not aware of other than the appearance in this dream of an unbelievable but intriguing process.

I recognized the woman who seemed to be in charge of a kind of soul transfer process.  In real life she has been dedicated for years to facilitating the development, growth and weekly happenings of our local farmers’ market.  The relevance of the fact that it was this woman, I will call her ‘Kate’, that had this significant job in my dream is not lost on me.


The dream took place outdoors in some place I have never seen before.  The sky was crystal clear blue, the land flat as far as I could tell with lush farms divided by thriving old-tree windbreaks.  There were perhaps one hundred people gathered along the sides of what looked like an airport runway.

I was not a part of the activities, so I wandered around watching people as I overheard snippets of their conversations.  Eventually I could tell something specific was about to happen.  The oldest people in the crowd began to shift their positions as if on cue to line up down one side of the runway.  I had no idea what was going on or what was about to happen.

Kate then appeared with a group of children all between about 6 and 9 years old.  She lined the children up on the opposite side of the runway across from the elders.  What happened next was only tacitly visible — without being told I knew exactly what was taking place.

Kate now approached to tell me that normally nobody that was not directly involved in this process was allowed to be present, but that in my case an exception was being made.


The gist of this procedure was a soul exchange.  Without adding any value judgment of my own at this point I suspect that some ‘high level’ agreements had been made that I, of course, knew nothing about.  Decisions had been made.  A ‘higher purpose’ was being fulfilled.

All very foreign to me…..

One by one down the lines the souls of the children were being exchanged for the souls of the aged ones.  The old souls with their great wisdom, knowledge, competence and accumulated information from their long lifetime of being extraordinarily good people were being exchanged so that all they had learned could go forward contributing to the betterment of humanity in increasingly important and complex ways.  The young souls of the children took their place inside the aging and soon to be dead bodies of the elders.

The children had been raised since birth with great kindness and spirituality, and appeared to be at complete aware peace with their shifting state of being.  They had not been chosen by anyone else.  Rather each child’s own soul had made its own decision to follow its unique destiny.  They were moving a great step closer to leaving this material world to soon move on to their Creator as they shifted into a body nearly ready to die while the souls of the elders were following their spiritual guidance to remain a great deal longer on earth to assist the human race in critically important ways toward advancement.


The memory of the dream hangs around me like shimmering gauze drapery as I begin my day outside working on my garden projects.  The dream was clear.  I am choosing to know that it doesn’t matter at all what I think about it.  I am simply recording what I remember about one of the strangest dreams I ever remember having.


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  1. I sent ‘Kate’ the link to this post the other day – which fascinated her. Today I spoke with her at the farmers’ market – or tried to! I have NEVER in my entire life had such a goosebump attack! She mentioned meditations she has been doing lately that fit in with the theme of the dream I had with her in it. She also mentioned that she lives by a small airport runway.

    The goosebumps I had were so intense I had to tell Kate that I needed to end our brief conversation so that I could walk away. I also told her I had a sense that my dream belongs to a future world. If I had to guess I’d say about 10,000 years from now. But – those goosebumps were incredible – something that only happens to me in a ‘truth’ and ‘right on’ situation. All amazing – mysterious – and evidently powerful in some way I do not understand – and don’t need to.

  2. You are a blessing to me too! Yes there are lots of lovely mysteries.
    I love your daughters’s profound question! Children are really gifts
    To make us think and reconnect with mystery – great answer to her too.

    When I read about your dry hot days and the upcoming monsoon, I thought
    Of Zimbabwe where I come from originally, I lived in the hot, dry area and
    Will always value rain. Just love the smell of rained on earth and watching storm
    Clouds massing and hoping for rain.

    Sleep well! Xxx

  3. How amazing! And I’ve been reading recently about legends about old souls being born! What a dream to cherish. I was thinking the other day that as I wake
    You and others I’ve met are going to sleep and I feel like through the internet we can connect and send good thoughts and almost keep watch over one another
    While some are asleep. I had hoped you would dream about something good and I hope I do too.. Its also been a while.
    By the way, one of my favourite questions at 5 was to ask my mother ‘how old was I when I was born’! It stumped her – and I was intensely upset!
    Children can be so wise sometimes in their questions! 🙂
    I hope other people respond to this post.. It would be so interesting to hear thoughts.

    • So much we don’t know – so many mysteries!! Loved your age 5 question! When my middle daughter turned 3 and was just really grasping language – she thought so hard and then asked me, “Mommy, is my mind the boss of my body or is my body the boss of my mind?” I introduced ‘soul’ to her: “You have a soul, honey, and it’s the boss of both your body and your mind!”

      Wonderful thought on the global connection – waking while one another sleeps, guarding, blessing! You are a blessing to me in my life!!!!!! xoxo

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