I am studying a book about the powers of the soul.  While our souls have always had these powers, the human race had to grow and mature enough for us to be able to increasingly understand what these powers are, how to recognize and access them, and how to use them for our own betterment and for the betterment of our species.

Today my morning study focused upon (1) the powers of intelligence that uses rational thought about what can be seen, and (2) the powers of our inner vision (insight) that leads us to discover that which has not yet been known by anyone.

I am always thinking about something.  I have to practice being able to notice what I am thinking about so I can make decisions about these thoughts:  Are they thoughts of a positive nature that belong within the world of God’s grace?  Are they thoughts that spring from my selfish nature?  Am I feeling sorry for myself?  Am I learning something new and useful?  Am I combing through what I have learned before in a recombination process that leads me forward in good ways?


In essence my thoughts today are fanned out around me as I examine interesting patterns they seem to create, like images presented in an invisible kaleidoscope of mirrors – each thought showing me it comes from a vast body of information that will become increasingly recognized as our species continues to evolve forward toward Peace on Earth.

I know that the past 500,000-year cycle (the age of prophecy) of human existence ended on May 23, 1844, and that a new 500,000-year cycle (the age of fulfillment) began at that time.  (see more HERE)

I know that one of the major changes that will gain momentum toward a new world is that the masculine influence will diminish as the feminine influence grows in power.  These two wings of humanity need to be in balance now.  Our future as a species depends to a large extent upon this process.


As I ponder my last post I include in my thoughts what I know about the absolute importance of MOTHERING.  I think about attachment – what goes right in the first 33 months of life (conception to age 2) – and what can go so wrong.

I think about how attachment and caregiving exist on the same continuum, and about how insecure attachment systems built in early environments of relationship trauma are very difficult if not impossible to turn OFF (deactivated) so that appropriate caregiving behaviors can be activated.

I think about the doctorate that my daughter has begun in gerontology, and about her struggles to find how to connect the beginning of life trauma-created consequences to the end of life difficulties early trauma survivors are nearly DOOMED to experience.  SEE:  +LINKS TO CDC ACE STUDY – LONGTERM CONSEQUENCES OF EARLY TRAUMA AND ABUSE

I think about the tender loving safe and secure attachment that the story in my last post tells of.  I think about how attachments HEAL – always!!  I think about how so many people who suffered so much trauma and pain in their early years continue to suffer over their lifespan (as did the elephant in the video presented in my last post.


Increasing the well-being of women globally will increase the well-being of our species and of our entire web of planet life.  Women, who bring children into the world, WILL be the ones to end all war – eventually.  SEE:  *WOMEN’S ROLE IN ESTABLISHING WORLD PEACE – more HERE

It is – to me – the essential feminine qualities of caregiving that I call MOTHERING that will be the prominent characteristics of our species – soon – in the not very far distant future (we will not survive otherwise).  MOTHERING/caregiving is NOT gender-based, although it is most likely that women will be the teachers of the species when we begin to care enough – and become wise enough – to listen.

Please read the quote included within my last post that describes how the mothering of one elephant toward another altered the entire social milieu and structure of all the elephants as they instinctively created what today I am thinking of as a Circle of Compassionate Caregiving – that is in its essence a completely balanced environment of safe and secure attachment.

While everyone has attachment needs, I am thinking about how it is more powerfully needed at the beginning of life and at the end of life when humans are most vulnerable.  Of course those with insecure attachment disorders formed primarily in their first 33 months of life are most at risk for being ALONE without a Circle of Compassionate Caregivers to love, tend, support, care and share with them.

This CAN change.  This WILL change, and I know from my inner vision abilities that given the extreme suffering I endured during the first 18 years of my life that I have a gift in being able to see the reality that is coming probably more clearly than most other people can.  I am MOST grateful for these MOST important insights!


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