I awoke yesterday morning with this song, or rather with the memory of it that then needed to be clarified and written down.  (The last line ‘showed up’ a month ago — the song it belonged in has caught up with it!)

This song is a gift to Prairie Rose Seminole and to the Native American Center Project – 109 9th Street South, Fargo, ND 58103

It is dedicated in loving friendship to Gladys Ray, an Anishinabeg (Chippewa – Ojibwa) elder who no longer lives in body on this earth.  I first met this loving, gentle, wise, kind, amazing woman in 1975 (at the time of my 24th birthday) at The American Indian Center she had founded in Fargo, North Dakota.

All the verses of the song resonate only with a repeating “C” chord – which I found fascinating!  I am reminded of the Great Drums of the People.  The melody to the chorus adds “F” and “G” chords.  I experienced goosebumps and felt moved to depth-tears especially as I heard the chorus notes appear.

Thank you Creator for Your love, for songs, for love and friendship and family, for hope and faith, for healing, for our memories, and for the gift of the sweet life that we all live here and in the hereafter!


The Forever Love

You were such a friend to us all

It was to you for love we’d call

You never let a person down

A truer friend could not be found

Our love for you is strong

We think of you in song


We walk in faith and goodness now

Because you helped to show us how

Through changes that we found so great

You taught us it is not too late

For wisdom left us here

By ancestors so dear (chorus)


To others you held out your hand

To lend your strength to take a stand

For all that is so good and fair

No matter what we all are there

Loving in our heart

We’re never far apart


When feeling sad for you we yearn

We remember you, smile and turn

To someone else who has a care

And with them our love we will share

The circle’s moving ’round

With all the kindness found (chorus)



Forever our loved ones are with us when we laugh and when we cry

We walk so softly on this earth the wind does not hear us pass by


(c) Linda Lloyd Danielson, March 27, 2012


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