The Hard Part of Flying

We sat on the banks of a river gently flowing by

And watched an Eagle Mother teach her young one how to fly

She stood by her child on the edge of her nest in a tree

Spread her wings as she floated away calling “Follow me.”

When Eagle’s child refused to fly Mother began to scold

She screeched across the river “Child, do as you are told!”

Her child called back “I’m safe right here!  I can’t fly!  I’m scared to!”

Mother answered her child “You will fly because you dared to!”

Finally Mother gave up and as she yelled a great shout

She dove back to her nest and with a swoop shoved her child out

Yes the young one flew with its Mother following after

As the wind carried back to us the sounds of their laughter

As we watch Eagles circle high above us in the air

We know it was their Mothers who pushed and shoved them up there

All the love and noisy coaxing that we don’t often see

Is just a part of helping children learn they can fly free


Dedicated to Prairie Rose and to all of her children


© Linda Lloyd Danielson, March 11, 2012



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    • I was very blessed in the late summer of 1990 to be sitting on the banks of the Mississippi River not far from its headwaters in northern Minnesota to witness this between an Eagle Mother and her child. Remembering this helped me so much when it was time to encourage my youngest to find his way in the world after he graduated from high school. I will never forget this – and am very pleased that it was today, all these years later, that I was able to create this song.

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