Perhaps I have been doing nothing during all the minutes of my life that have passed since I wrote my last post here but stirring up dust and chasing my own tail.  The jury is still out on that one, and might remain out for some time to come.  What I do know is that I have talked to more people in the area I live, made more phone calls, sent out more emails in this past week than I have in the entire 12+ years I have lived here.

What does all this mean?  What will happen?  What will become of my efforts to provide a place for this fantastic drum group from Congo to come to in our dusty high desert area (on the American-Mexican border line)?  I have as of this moment absolutely not one solitary solid clue!

What I do seem to know through my friend (as mentioned in previous post before this one) is that all eight members of this band have boarded a jet on the east coast at this moment and are about to lift into the air in flight to perform at a festival in Bangkok, Thailand.

They were mysteriously (mostly) sent coupons to redeem yesterday for their tickets.  The group was not sure that the tickets weren’t part of some scam.  Nope.  Yesterday was redemption day and sure enough there were the tickets and off they go into the wild blue yonder!

Meanwhile I am unsure about how to proceed toward arranging paying gigs for this group SHOULD they actually, really appear on my doorstep on Thursday, March 8th as PERHAPS planned!

How can anything be PERHAPS planned?

I don’t claim to know, but PERHAPS planning seems to be the human lot in life on this earth!

Nobody has any grant money here to pay this group.  Our area is poor and getting poorer.  Would anyone pay cover charges to see this group?  Buy tickets?  Give adequate donations at a performance in a park?

Where will 8 people from Congo stay?

If this PERHAPS plan moves forward into the future I will give the group my humble little house while I figure out where I will sleep elsewhere — wherever elsewhere turns up!

This entire venture appears to run on nothing but global love, high hopes, trust in one another (I have certainly never (yet) met these people!), and FAITH in God.

Can things go wrong!  Oh, glory glory could they go wrong.  But again, what exactly does WRONG mean?

Embarrassment and local humiliation for me, I suppose.  Hours invested in contacting people for venues.  Hours of expressed and hopefully shared hopes with others in my community.  All come to naught if the group changes course in mid air and lands elsewhere upon return than the near middle of nowhere — and instead lands where the lights are brighter and the bucks are bigger?

Do I give up?  I can’t wait until they (supposedly) re-land in America as PERHAPS planned on February 28th to make the connections here that would provide any hope of performance and pay for the group.  Time is extremely short as it is should they indeed appear here on the 8th.

Well, I imagine their tickets are at this moment of lift off targeted to re-land the group where PERHAPS planned come that date.  But what could happen from this moment forward is ONLY known by God – and none of the rest of us.

But isn’t that just plain LIFE??????

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8:30 am – word just in – ALL IS A GO!!




  1. Thank you for taking the time to coach me on how to solve the problem. I know I should’ve been able to solve the problem on my own, but your help was invaluable in seeing what I was doing to contribute to the problem

    • Oh my, you are most welcome! I am always happy to hear there is anything from my humble experience as a survivor that assists anyone along their healing journey!!!

  2. Linda,

    I stumbled on your site somehow and wanted to make a comment on an older entry, but wasn’t sure if you’d see it. I am so happy for you to have shared your story and that you’re turning it into a positive thing. There is such beauty in that, and I admire your braveness.

    A couple years ago one of my dearest friends passed. Although I don’t know the kind of pain you related here I do know what crushing emotional pain is and try so very hard not to bring that pain with me going forward. Just wanted to say it’s nice that to you are making efforts to improve and have shared your story.

    Thank you.

    • Good Morning, and thank you so much for your comment! I am so sorry for your grief! Please know that every blog post is still ‘active’ and that I will definitely receive any comment you make to any specific post! Please feel free to write anything on the blog to me any where, any time! Sending warm thoughts for many blessings for you in your life — every breath you take!!! Linda – alchemynow

  3. “Life is being on the wire, everything else is just waiting.”

    — Karl Wallenda
    Sometimes we have to do a bit of both!
    Hoping all goes well!

  4. Dear Linda! All go for the Congolese drum group?! That’s incredibly wonderful!
    I’ve been thinking of u a lot and how brave u are being getting in touch with so
    Many people! You are so generous-spirited and God knows that and loves that.
    Your community sounds so interesting and I just wish u so many encouraging
    blessings about this.
    Kids so need this kind of interest in diversity and just to have something to be
    Enthusiastic about. Kids who have been deprived can benefit so much from this,
    You doing something special so give yourself a huge hug.

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