It seems I have been far away from my blog for quite some time now, but I have not abandoned my post!  I am just turned around a little bit facing a different direction.

WordPress published blog stats for 2011, and I guess I wrote 565 posts.  No wonder I am tired and in need of some refreshment!  I am writing songs, and the one I am finishing today is based on these words:


“I implore thee,
by Thy divine sweetness
and by the splendors of the glory
of Thy face,
to send down upon us
from Thy retreats on high
that which will enable us
to draw nigh unto Thee.

Set, then, our feet firm,
O my God,
in Thy Cause
and enlighten our hearts
with the effulgence of Thy knowledge,
and illumine our breasts
with the brightness
of Thy names.”

by Baha’u’llah

From page 191, in ‘Baha’i Prayers’


The weather has been fantastic, warm and sunny.  It is nourishing for me to just be outside.  I am also involved in a little project crocheting very heavy rugs from cut rags to donate to residents locally in low income housing.  A closet-cleaning effort is also under way.

Now I have to de-pit my five pounds of cherries so I can dry them.  Oh, I need to bake some bread.  In a little while a couple of friends will be here for a visit in the sun.


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