• I guess this is an outdoor chapel! All the space I could have used for that went into the adobe chicken coop and the composting worm bins! Fine with me!

      When I feel upset, out to the worm bins I go and dig around, pull some worms out, take them to another part of the yard where I am composting and trying to heal the soil — it’s very healing for me, very meditative — those humble little worms hold the promise for everything else that lives out there. Their life and work is magical in what it does toward life.

      Given enough worms in soil (of course they need organic matter to eat) – the worm poop will balance out completely the mineral deficits in the soil. Our desert soil is HORRIBLE for sustaining and nurturing life. I think often as I feed the worms, water their bins, take care of THEM so that they can take care of life — about my body being dead eventually – about the circle of life — about how everything has a time and a season…

      All the roses are budding. One of these days very soon all the buds will burst open! Very soon – there will be a display of color and beauty – that at this moment I am anticipating, imagining, hoping for and working towards.

      Gardens are marvelous!! Thanks again for visiting!!

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