I have been working on the ‘endocannabinoid – cannabinoid system’ (our own naturally occurring ‘pot – marijuana’ system) files and now have the HUGE original file sorted out and broken down into smaller files.  These will not be easy reading.  They are for scanning over to get a general picture of the functions of this system.  I will be continuing my work on them as I refine these sections and as I attempt to actually write something in the form of a synthesis of this information that will be much easier to read than these huge files are!

The information is fascinating.  I doubt there is any other single place on the entire web where you can find so much information about such a little-known and critically important human physiological system!



I see that not a single one of the Pubmed database article links will work with the format of this WordPress.com blog!  I am disappointed!  They are all live and lovely in my computer’s files!  Please click on this:

Pubmed database

and keep a window open while you read in case you want to cut and paste the article titles.  Otherwise, you will likely encounter this dead-end message:

Ooops…Where did you get such a link ?

Nasty, I know, but there’s nothing I can do about it on this site!  If for some particular reason you want the better, live-link version, leave me a comment and I will attach whichever of these files you want to an email and send them to you.


*Evolutionary Origins of Endocannabinoid System

*Endocannabinoids – Fertility, pregnancy, lactation, infants and children

*** This file above had been edited into this quite readable essay:


*Endocannabinoid Protection and Regulation

*Endocannabinoids, Pain, Depression and Grief

*Endocannabinoid System, Fear and Anxiety


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